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2006 Jeopardy Tournament of Champions

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The deciding game of the 2006 Jeopardy Tournament of Champions featured these three skilled players: Vik Vaz, Michael Falk, and Bill MacDonald. All three players got off to a good start in the Jeopardy round, and stayed close to each other throughout. Vik was the one in front when the round ended, as he had a $5,600-$5,200-$5,000 lead over Bill and Michael, respectively. In the Double Jeopardy round, Michael got things going right off the bat by going all-in on a Daily Double that he found in his first selection, and responding correctly to the clue. From there, he took off, and made his overall deficit much lower. At the end of the round, Michael had a $23,600-$10,400-$9,200 lead over Bill and Vik, respectively. In the all-important Final Jeopardy, Vik lost everything he had, making his two-day total $30,800. Bill plummeted to $399, and that was his two-day total, since he finished with no money after the first game in the finals. It all came down to Michael, who would clinch the tournament with a correct response. After a couple of seconds of silence to build up the moment, Alex delivered the short, sweet news: "you're right." That boosted Michael to $31,801, making his two-day total $49,201. With that, Michael completed the comeback and won the tournament. He received $250,000 for winning the title. Vik took home $100,000 for finishing in second, and Bill got $50,000 for finishing in third.