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2005 Jeopardy College Championship




The deciding game of the 2005 Jeopardy College Championship featured these players: Adam Pinson, Nico Martinez, and Jayanth Iyengar. Early in the Jeopardy round, Jayanth burst out of the gates with a sense of urgency. He ran the first category, and jumped out to a big lead. However, Nico and Adam eventually got themselves into the mix, making it a very close game. At the end of the round, Jayanth and Adam were tied for the lead with $3,800, and Nico had $3,200. Jayanth got the lead to himself again at the start of the Double Jeopardy round, but a little later, Nico found a Daily Double that helped him steal the lead away from Jayanth. He never looked back from that point on, and when the round ended, Nico had a $14,600-$10,200-8,300 lead over Adam and Jayanth, respectively. In Final Jeopardy, Jayanth doubled his score to $16,600, giving him a two-day total of $16,999. Adam improved to $16,700, making his two-day total $31,500. However, Nico would not be denied. He moved up a buck to $14,601, and that made his two-day total $43,601. With that, Nico took the title, and won the $100,000 grand prize. Adam received $50,000 for finishing in second place, and Jayanth received $25,000 for finishing in third place.